Ticket Queue

We change your customer journey and service experience.

For over 10 years, we have been assisting businesses to facilitate their premise queue by implementing QueueBee Queue Management Solution, regardless of it is a basic retail or multi-branches corporate premises.

Integrated software on desktop printer or self-service kiosk, customer obtains a ticket with queue number and wait for his/her turn to be served. As there are multiple options of virtual queue available, customer can opt for conventional physical queueing, mobile queueing, web portal queueing or SMS queueing.

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Customer Web Portal Queue

Beyond virtual queue – impress your customer with a personalized QR client portal.

A customer portal with multiple functions benefiting the company in all ways – appointment scheduling, virtual queue number, marketing and branding and customer feedback. Your customer will greatly benefit from the customer portal as they can better utilize their waiting time to run other errands or browse through your portal for beneficial information while they are waiting for their turn. Integrating with appointment system, customer can make prior arrangement to avoid crowded queue at the premise. One QR code for all.

Online Appointment

For businesses that run as usual, it is certainly challenging to keep the service operations on-going during this pandemic time.

It is important to keep minimal contact of staff-customer and customer-customer for prevention purpose, as physical distancing is a key to prevent the spread of the viruses via infective respiratory droplets. To prevent a large crowd in your business premise, schedule the customer flow via an effective appointment system is extremely crucial.

QueueBee Online Appointment System allows your staff to schedule the customer appointment via the user-friendly website. Customer benefits from the convenience of using your service with prior arrangement and a better queueing experience.

Video Chat

Advance the communication and connection with customers, transform physical service counter to a virtual counter via QueueBee Video Chat solution.

Traditionally, businesses connect with their customers through a variety of customer service channels, such as phone, email, and live chat. With the rapid advancement of technology, video conferencing now plays an important role in allowing personalized and seamless interactions with your customer, and ultimately deliver a delightful customer experience. At the same time, productivity enhancement for your customer service staffs can be achieved too.

WhatsApp Queue

Virtual queueing via instant messaging application – WhatsApp.

As there is no additional request for customer to download any application on their smartphones, this queue solution gets increasing demand since we launch it in the market. Customers scan a specific QR code of the desired service provider, wait remotely and monitor the progress of their queue via WhatsApp chat. It is a highly convenient solution alternative to conventional queue and other virtual queue solutions QueueBee has.

QueueBee Mobile App

Queueing virtually from anywhere, at anytime

Available free on Google Play Store or Apple Store, QueueBee Mobile App is a very good option for virtual queueing and better waiting time management. A few simple steps to download and account registration allow customers to enjoy a worry-free mobile queue experience.

Customers use their smartphones to obtain a queue from their desired service providers listed on the application. After obtaining a queue number, they do not have to wait physically in the premise. A notification will be sent to customers’ smartphone when their turn is up.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a very important guide to understand the satisfaction level of your current customers, and influence your decision making in evaluation of your products or services.

QueueBee Customer Feedback module is designed for gathering customer’s satisfaction through a straightforward approach. Your customers could rate their satisfaction with your business, product or service as soon as they complete their purchase/service. You could then evaluate the precious responses and improve your services right away.

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Content Management

Content Management for your multiple locations’ businesses made easy. QueueBee Content Management is a brilliant solution which simplifies the content displays for multiple units of interactive digital signages and displays in your premises. In just a few clicks, the digital content such as on-going promotion, product information, company public service announcement etc. can be easily published and managed by user.