Healthcare & Hospital

One-queue Solution – Our greatest solution for healthcare customers. There is only ONE queue ticket required for patient to access multiple outpatient services at a multilevel hospital – specialist clinics, radiology department, laboratory, pharmacy, and so on.

queue system

Banking & Finance

Centralized content management for multiple bank branches is especially useful to streamline information such as advertisement, currency exchange rate, etc. on displays; and obtaining reports from QueueBee All-in-one Dashboard for periodical management review.


Is “long wait” a common stereotype someone has for a government service? With QueueBee queue management solutions, customer can be in a queue via virtual queue solutions – mobile app, web portal, and WhatsApp, and even make an appointment in advance for better waiting experience.


Utilities such as electricity and water are the basic necessity for every home. Therefore, their service centres often experience high volume of customers who walk in for inquiry, payment or troubleshooting. QueueBee Queue Management Solution manage the customer flow in their centres and capture customer feedback for service improvement.


Always looking for better solution to provide top notch service to your customers? Improve your customer experience with video chat that provide a virtual yet personalized customer service.


Transform brick-and-mortar services towards digitalization. Assist you in controlling customer flow in the premise for better physical distancing.


QueueBee Online Appointment System is a helpful solution to manage vehicle service booking for automotive service centre, or vehicle test drive appointment for sales centre.

Food & Beverage

Various QueueBee solutions for food and beverage industry – from virtual queueing (cloud, no hardware required), simple retail with basic services (basic software and hardware) to multiple branches or franchises management (comprehensive software).


Student administration office in education institutions often experience high volume of students who walk in for student intake. QueueBee queue management solutions keep your office well managed with better physical distancing and time management.

queue system